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28 February 2012

Military ambulance Animated Gif 3D Free military flees with child in arms Animations cars of salvation html

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military ambulance doors open GifMilitary flees with child in arms Animated
Military ambulance doors open GifMilitary flees with child in arms Animated
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running with injured person Animationcar ambulance Image Gif
Running with injured person AnimationCar ambulance Image Gif
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nurse kari talking with doctor Photo Giflawyer chasing ambulance Gif Free
Nurse kari talking with doctor Photo GifLawyer chasing ambulance Gif Free
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Military ambulances have historically included vehicles based on civilian designs and at times also included armored, but unarmed, vehicles ambulances based upon armoured personnel carriers (APCs). In the Second World War vehicles such as the Hanomag Sd Kfz 251 halftrack were pressed into service as ad hoc ambulances, and in more recent times purpose built AFVs such as the U.S. M1133 Medical Evacuation Vehicle serve the exclusive purpose of armored medical vehicles. Civilian based designs may be painted in appropriate colours, depending on the operational requirements (i.e. camouflage for field use, white for United Nations peacekeeping, etc.). For example the British Royal Army Medical Corps has a fleet of white ambulances, based on production trucks. Military helicopters have also served both as ad hoc and purpose-built air ambulances, since they are extremely useful for MEDEVAC.